Warmer weather is here ~ dress code review

Warmer weather is here ~ dress code review
Posted on 05/06/2019
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Dress Code

Limestone Learning Foundation

The intent of the Limestone District School Board Dress Code is to reflect and support safe and respectful teaching and learning environments. Administrative Procedure 352: Appropriate Dress Code establishes a minimum standard which must be adhered to in all Limestone schools and which is intended to apply to members of the school community including students, staff and volunteers.

Different forms of dress are appropriate in different situations. All members of the school community must dress in a manner that represents a respectful tone, reflects personal pride and regard for others. Clothing that may be appropriate at home or at the beach, for example, may not be appropriate at school or school functions.

Members of the school community are required to:

  • comply with the specific program requirements as well as health and safety policies in selected areas (e.g., gymnasia, laboratories, shops, kitchens); 

  • ensure the general torso/trunk (chest to thigh area) is appropriately covered; and

  • remove hats during the national anthem, at decorous events (e.g., Remembrance Day assemblies); 

Members of the school community must not display in any way or wear clothing or accessories that:

  • have content which is deemed to be offensive or demeaning to any individual or group, including but not limited to, material which is racist, sexist, homophobic or profane;

  • promote unlawful activities or unwholesome lifestyles, including but not limited to, material which features alcohol or illicit drugs or disrespect;

  • are unhealthy, unhygienic or unsafe; and

  • are reflective of violent or anti-social culture.

Footwear: Students are expected to wear shoes (not slippers) at all times for hygienic and safety reasons. Outside footwear is not to be worn inside elementary classrooms. Elementary students are expected to have separate shoes for indoors. 

Physical education: Students must wear appropriate clothing to participate safely in physical education classes. Running shoes are a minimum requirement. For safety reasons, students may be asked to remove jewelry, such as watches, necklaces, or long earrings.

Religious attire: Religious attire is a requirement of religious observation. It is not cultural dress. School staff and communities need to be sensitive to setting a climate of understanding and should accommodate appropriate religious attire.

Minor variations or exceptions to this code are appropriate under certain circumstances, such as dress-up or spirit days, co-instructional activities, or dances. Expectations on those occasions will be made clear by the school administration. Exceptions may also be granted on compassionate grounds.

Dress code issues will be dealt with by school administration or other staff members in a sensitive, respectful and private manner. When necessary, students will be asked to change or could be referred to the office. Parents/guardians may be contacted to provide a change of clothes.